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Jenessa Soto is a dedicated musician teaching private lessons online and in the Dallas area.
Teaching Since 2012
Performing Since 2009
Texas State University
Jenessa Soto
Guitar, Bass, Drum, Piano

Born and raised in the Rio Grande Valley, Jenessa Soto began learning the guitar at age 11. She joined her first band at 15 and has since played with twelve different bands and groups, performing a variety of genres from acoustic to rock. Jenessa comes from a family of teachers and coaches, so teaching came quite naturally to her; she quickly found that she loved sharing her passion for music through lessons with students of all ages and musical goals. With an additional passion for art, she attended Texas State University and majored in Communication Graphic Design & Mass Communication.

Jenessa has been teaching private lessons to students of all ages since 2012. She has also hosted public guitar classes, directed band rehearsals, and held both teaching and management positions in music schools and studios. Jenessa's lessons are an effective blend of fun and function, establishing a solid foundation in the fundamentals of musicianship while also incorporating the music that the student is most interested in. While practice and discipline are important for achieving progress, Ms. Soto also understands that lessons must be fun and engaging. A creative, flexible, and empathetic teacher, she is adept at determining how to motivate and encourage each individual student according to his or her unique needs, interests, and learning style.

Jenessa believes that the best teachers are those who continue to practice their art and expand their musical knowledge and experience. Over the years, she has continued to tour all across Texas as a performer. Accomplishments include being recognized as a Regional Finalist at the 2012 South Texas Battle of the Bands, two nominations for Revolver Magazine's Battle of the Bands, and multiple appearances as a session guitarist at House of Blues in Dallas. She continues to play, learn, and practice, as well as write and record her own music.

Jenessa sums up her philosophy as follows: "Music can take you where you never thought you could go. Through practice comes challenges, but you will surprise yourself with all the things you are capable of. Then you can keep it and share it forever."

Whether you are interested in performance-based lessons to prepare for a show or recital, or simply a hobbyist looking to play the guitar for personal enjoyment, Jenessa looks forward to helping you reach your goals - and have fun along the way!

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