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Paulo Von Simson is a dedicated musician teaching private in-home violin, guitar, mandolin, viola and ukulele lessons in the Dallas area.
University of Kansas
BA: Anthropology
University of Kansas
Minor: Music
Paulo Von Simson
Violin, Guitar, Mandolin, Viola, Ukelele

Paulo von Simson is an accomplished and passionate music educator, dedicated to cultivating a love for music in students of all ages and skill levels. With a solid background in music theory, performance, and education, Paulo brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to students.

Having studied music from an early age, Paulo developed a deep appreciation for various genres and styles. Graduating from The University of Kansas, Paulo holds a Bachelor's degree in Anthropology with a Minor in Music, specializing in Viola Performance. Throughout Paulo's academic journey, he received comprehensive training in pedagogy, curriculum development, and classroom management, equipping him with the necessary skills to engage and inspire students.

Over the past several years, Paulo has successfully learned music from a diverse range of teachers, fostering his musical growth and nurturing his individual talents. Paulo has an innate ability to tailor lessons to each student's unique learning style and goals, creating an environment that is supportive, motivating, and fun.

By incorporating a balance of technique, theory, and creative exploration, Paulo ensures that students develop a strong foundation while also encouraging their artistic expression.

Paulo's teaching philosophy centers around fostering a lifelong love for music. He believes in empowering students to become confident and independent musicians who can not only read and perform music but also understand and appreciate its cultural significance.

Through his engaging and interactive teaching methods, Paulo instills a deep sense of musicality, encouraging students to explore their creativity and discover their own unique musical voice.

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