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Jeffrey Jacobs is a professional musician teaching private in-home piano lessons in the Dallas area.
Toured With:
Billy Joel, Foreigner, Julian Lennon, Laura Brannigan, and more
Indiana University
Bachelor Of Arts
Jeffrey Jacobs

If you’ve listened to the radio at all since 1989, chances are you have heard Jeff Jacobs playing.  Throughout his lifelong career as a professional musician, Jeff has recorded and toured with the likes of Billy Joel, Foreigner, Julian Lennon, and Laura Brannigan, just to name a few.

Originally from Chicago, Jeff began studying the piano at the age 5, becoming interested after witnessing his mother’s first piano lesson. Over the next six years, as he continued in lessons, Jeff began to become more interested in playing and composing pop music, learning songs by ear from the radio and record albums. During his high school years, Jeff took the next step in his musical development by studying with world-renowned jazz piano teacher Alan Swain in Evanston, Illinois.  Jeff learned jazz chord symbols and how to read lead sheets and transpose any song to any key at a moment's notice. To this day, Mr. Swain’s teachings are instrumental in Jeff’s success as a professional piano player. 

While earning a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Political Science at Indiana University, Jeff took full advantage of his access to the world-famous Indiana School of Music, studying jazz with David Baker while playing in several university jazz ensembles.  In 1988 he moved to New York City, where he almost immediately began landing playing and recording gigs as a professional keyboard player and programmer. 

From 1989 through 2008 Jeff  toured, recorded, composed, and produced music with some of the biggest names in the rock music business, as well as in the commercial advertising realm. He moved to Dallas in 2009 and now works mainly out of his home recording studio, doing production work on his Pro Tools system for various songwriting and commercial clients as well as playing solo piano gigs around town in club and event settings.  

Jeff’s experience makes him perfectly suited for the mid-to-advanced level piano student who wants to learn jazz piano styles and the language of improvisational music.  Using the blues as a point of departure, Jeff teaches an intellectual approach to playing jazz standards. Students will develop their aural skills, learn how to play collaboratively and how to become part of a band, and lessons can be rooted either in a jazz setting or in the worlds of pop and rock music. Any pianist with a desire to gain the skills necessary to secure work as a musican should take advantage of this rare opportunity to study with a real music professional.

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