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Rebekah Livesay is a devoted educator teaching private in-home piano lessons in the greater Dallas area.
Stephen F. Austin State University
Bachelor of Science: Interdisciplinary Studies (Special Education)
Teacher's License
Elementary Education
Rebekah Livesay

Rebekah Livesay grew up in a family of professional musicians and teachers, which cultivated an early passion for both music and education. Some of her family even sang in operas or played in the symphony, which made quite an impression upon young Rebekah. She has warm memories of many of her relatives singing and/or playing music together at family gatherings. If she wanted to join in but the song seemed too difficult, a family member would always volunteer to help. Rebekah watched her older sisters take piano lessons and was thrilled to start her own lessons at age 6. She and her family were also involved in choral and theatrical productions. Altogether, Rebekah received over 15 years of musical and theatre training. Her intensive musical education was made possible in part because she was home-schooled from kindergarten through her senior year of high school before attending Tarrant County College. Music has continued to play a significant role in her life as she has found her calling in helping people learn new things.

In 2011, Rebekah graduated from Stephen F. Austin State University with a Bachelor's degree in Interdisciplinary Studies (Special Education). She has since earned teaching certificates for teaching Elementary Education and English Language Learners. During her teaching career, she has taught students of all ages, from 4 years old through adults.

One facet of teaching that Rebekah especially enjoys is finding different ways to explain each concept to her students. Her time as a teacher has shown her how each person's point of view is truly unique and shapes the way they approach life. What she wants to pass on most to her students is that no matter what level they think they may be at (be it in music, or in another topic like math or science), there is always something more to be learned. This knowledge gives students the opportunity to learn skills they didn't know they could. Rebekah achieves this by using a music curriculum that best fits each student's needs and personal goals, interweaving music theory instruction as needed. When starting a new student in piano instruction, she offers them a selection of pieces from a variety of styles, to detemine where their strengths may be and what they are most interested in studying. 

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