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Joey Hamidzada is a dedicated musician teaching private in-home voice, violin, piano, and guitar lessons in the Dallas area.
Oral Roberts University
Minor in Music Theory
Music Director since 2015
Joey Hamidzada
Voice, Violin, Piano, Guitar

Joey Hamidzada has been following his passion for music ever since he was a young child. He began playing the violin in the third grade, and by the time he reached high school had added voice and guitar to his studies as well, performing for audiences in his church. He quickly became a consistent player and continued to work on his musical skills throughout his undergraduate studies at Oral Roberts University.

Immediately after completing his Bachelor's degree, Joey landed his first record deal and released an album of his own original songs. Soon thereafter, he became the Music Director at a megachurch in Tulsa, Oklahoma. There, Joey directed and led teams of over 140 staff and volunteers for weekly services. He also performed on stage weekly for audiences of thousands, leading the worship team on a variety of instruments including vocals, piano, drums, guitar, and violin. 

With a wealth of experience both on and off the stage, Joey is able to help his students of all ages and skill levels to grow in their confidence, their technical ability, and most importantly, in their love of music. Joey can't wait to get to know you and to help you develop your own unique and distinct style!

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