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Sue Boyd is an experienced instructor teaching private in-home piano lessons in the Dallas area.
40+ Years of Teaching
Sue Boyd

Sue Boyd has been teaching piano for over forty years. Sue began playing piano at seven years old, and trained classically until the age of eighteen, when she began branching out into other genres such as blues, jazz, pop rock, oldies, and just about any other kind of music a student would be interested in learning! Sue has a great passion for Mozart, the Beatles, James Brown, Neil Diamond... the list is endless, but she loves new music as well as old. 

Sue has performed in churches, synagogues, and for private parties. Lesson plans are tailored to each individual student's abilities as well as their musical goals and interests. Through years of teaching students of all ages, skill levels, and backgrounds, Sue has developed a keen intuition for determining her students' needs as well as their strengths.

Sue's students gain a solid foundation in music theory and performance, and are introducted to the endless opportunities that music holds. She has even taught many students to write their own music! Sue's priority is to see every student succeed while having fun learning. She understands that every student's learning capacity is different, and as a seasoned instructor, she has the experience to guide all her students to their fullest potential. This makes her lessons fun, motivating, and encouraging! This patience and versatility, along with her boundless passion for teaching, make Sue an excellent fit for students of all ages, skill levels, and interests.

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