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Zeshan Khan is an accomplished musician teaching private in-home guitar, bass, and piano lessons in the Dallas area.
15+ Years Experience

Teaching Since 2006

Brookhaven College
Associate of Arts: Music Performance
Zeshan Khan
Guitar, Bass Guitar, Piano

A long time ago, in a country far far away... when he was just a young lad, Zeshan was visited by one of his American cousins - a cousin who brought with him a guitar. And not just any guitar: a beautiful and stunning Les Paul. Zeshan had never seen a guitar before, but from the very first time he touched the strings, that was it: he was in love.

In the winter of 2006, with only a guitar, a backpack and a few hundred dollars in his pocket, Zeshan arrived in America to begin his journey through college. Determined to play to a live audience, he sought out and established several bands in the Dallas/Fort Worth area, one of which went on to tour all over the US.

Zeshan has been playing music for over 15 years now and has mastered the guitar, bass guitar, piano, and even picked up the violin. He teaches piano to students of all ages at the beginner through intermediate level, and guitar to beginner through advanced students.

Zeshan continues to enjoy learning and refining his skills. In his opinion, a musician never truly stops learning. While living in Dallas, he studied Jazz Guitar under Paul Metzger, a well-established local jazzer, and studied Classical Guitar with the ever-so-humble Carlo Pezzimenti, one of Andre Segovia’s last remaining students. During this time, Zeshan completed his Associates Degree in Music Performance, graduating with Honors and establishing his Piano Proficiency.

Zeshan's passion shines through in his teaching. He believes that anyone, young or old, can learn to play music with the right approach. He has a thorough understanding of technique as well as experience with a variety of different learning styles, and he uses these as tools to make his students comfortable with their instrument, as he incrementally nurtures the inner musical voice that gives his students the joyful expression that they desire.

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