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Joshua Ballard is a dedicated musician teaching private lessons online and in the Dallas area.
Texas Tech University
Bachelor of Music Education
Music Teaching Certification: All Grades
Joshua Ballard
Piano, Voice

Joshua Ballard has been teaching for over 10 years and holds a B.A. in Music Education with Highest Honors. In addition to teaching private piano and voice lessons, he has served at several churches as a director, teacher, and singer. Mostly recently, Josh worked as an Assistant Choir Director at Tascosa High School for several years.

Josh's beautiful wife says that what she most loves about him is his passion for people.  Josh's personal philosophy is to strive to make the lives of everyone he meets better for having met him. He teaches music because he believes that caring about people means communicating effectively with everyone; to do this we need a universal language, and music fills that role. Working as a teacher has provided Josh with the opportunity to be in touch with other people in profound, creative ways; he considers it a privilege and an honor to work for his students, and is thus extremely motivated to produce high-quality lesson plans for each individual. He teaches music in a way that's comprehensive, interesting, and rewarding.

As science has proven, involvement in music instills deep-seated, virtuous core values such as self-discipline and a high sense of self-esteem. Music will also improve a student's performance in other subjects, especially in mathematics and reading. Music is a lifelong skill that should be accessible to everyone, and Josh's calling is to do all he can to make this ideal a reality. He wants his students to know that a fulfilling, lifelong career in music is absolutely possible. Josh hopes you will entrust him with the privilege of teaching music to you or your child!

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