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Declan Brennan is a dedicated musician teaching private in-home Voice lessons in the greater Dallas area.
Cabrillo College
Music, Theatre, & Vocal Technique
Declan Brennan

Declan is excited to continue his journey as a teacher with an instrument that has always been near and dear to his heart. Growing up, he dabbled in a variety of instruments including clarinet, tenor saxophone, piano and trumpet. Becoming involved in theatre in middle school, Declan had always wanted to do a musical, and at age 15 an opportunity, the Music Man, fell into his lap. The experience was initially thrilling, but his teacher did not want to spend the time teaching him how to sing and took away his part. Sadly, as an impressionable child, Declan took this as a sign that he wasn't talented enough to do musical theatre and embarrassment kept him from trying again.

Three years later, having begun his undergraduate studies in a brand new city, Declan decided to take a leap and audition for another musical, though he was still afraid of failure. He ended up cast in multiple bit roles, and over time, singing in an ensemble encouraged him to tackle his fear of singing. He gained confidence from his supportive voice teacher, and expanded his voice in ways he never thought he was capable of. This is when he learned a life-changing lesson: if you work hard, dedicate yourself and have passion, you can learn any skill. He believes that anyone who holds these values can learn to sing, even if they question their own talent. This turn of events is what inspired him to become a teacher. He uses his experience to teach his students that they can achieve whatever they set their minds to. As a patient and compassionate teacher, he strives to create a safe learning environment in his lessons so that every student can feel comfortable enough to achieve his or her full potential. Also, having acted for more than a decade, Declan brings a unique perspective to his lessons, as he can coach each student on acting and character work, along with vocal technique.

Declan attended Cabrillo College in California where he studied music, theatre, and vocal technique; and has starred in several musicals. In addition to giving private in-home voice lessons, he teaches theatre, works as a veterinary technician, and serves as resident director at CORP Theatre Company in Garland.

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