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Andrew Barstow is a talented performer teaching private in-home piano and guitar lessons in the Dallas area.
University of North Texas
Bachelor of Arts
Classical Guitar Performance
Andrew Barstow
Piano, Guitar

Andrew Barstow is a highly accomplished guitarist and pianist with extensive performing and teaching experience. Andrew's resume stacks high with detail and experience in the field of music, but one of his proudest accomplishments is his education at the University of North Texas College of Music, with a focus in Classical Guitar Performance.

Andrew first started playing music at the age of thirteen. He began with guitar, and took to the instrument right away. Playing music became his primary passion in life then, and still is to this day. As a teenager, Andrew he began teaching himself to play the piano and took a lead role in his school's musical. He then began taking piano lessons formally, and is classically trained.

Andrew's unquenchable passion for music poured out into all three of his chosen instruments. His entire life was turned upside down the day he was accepted into the world famous college of music at UNT, where he solidified his talents and passion for music into a career. Today, he is an avid instructor and performer who loves teaching music lessons to students of all ages and skill levels.

Andrew's lessons are taught with compassion. He has established a style of excellence that has satisfied his students and their families for many years. He is truly passionate about sharing his greatest love and putting it into the hearts of others. He is professional and devoted to teaching you in the best way possible.

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