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Corey Barta is a talented performer and musician teaching private in-home flute, voice, guitar, piano, saxophone, and ukulele lessons in the Dallas area.
Texas Women's University
Master of Music
Music Therapy
Degree Candidate
Henderson State University
Bachelor of Music
Flute Performance
Minor: Voice
Minor: Psychology
Corey Barta
Flute, Voice, Guitar, Piano, Saxophone, Ukulele

Born and raised in the Houston area, Corey Barta learned how to play flute in the 6th grade. Her parents instilled a great love and appreciation for music of all types. She remembers listening to The Beatles as they cleaned, to Pink Floyd as they drove in the car, as well as orchestral music performed by the Houston Symphony. Naturally, she grew up with a desire to learn the well-known flute parts out of these songs. Ms. Barta’s approach to teaching is unique to each student, with the understanding that each student learns differently and should be approached at their level of musicianship. Ms. Barta studied the flute with Jennifer Amox for three years, and attended high school in Deer Park, Texas. This was a great opportunity because of the high rate of competition within the area. The Texas Music Educators Association (TMEA) did its part in giving students the opportunities to practice more challenging music. In addition, experiencing the University Interscholastic League (UIL) Region and Area competitions each year helped increase Corey's technical abilities.

After receiving her Bachelor's in Music Performance from Henderson State University in Arkadelphia, Arkansas, she decided to relocate to the Dallas area and is currently a Degree Candidate for a Master of Music for Music Therapy.

Attending school at Henderson allowed Ms. Barta generous amounts of opportunities to grow as a musician, such as performing with Concert Choir, Wind Ensemble, Flute Choir, and NuFusion Jazz Band. Ms. Barta was an avid singer during her time at Henderson and even minored in voice studies. She sang at many of the choir concerts and enjoyed learning how to optimize her vocal potential. Learning how to approach singing has been a passion for her ever since and she often pairs guitar or piano playing with singing. In the Jazz Band Ms. Barta had the opportunity to perform in the Jazz style as an improviser and doubler on saxophone. She also began learning the piano during her time spent at HSU, taking several proficiency courses. Ms. Barta had the opportunity to perform for Henderson's annual President's Concert Concerto Competition in 2011 and again in 2013, where the performers are given the opportunity to perform a solo work for their instrument accompanied by performers from the HSU Chamber Orchestra as well as the Arkansas Symphony Orchestra. Since then, she has spent some of her free time learning he guitar, and is now taking guitar proficiency courses at TWU.

In 2009, while going to Henderson, Ms. Barta began teaching lessons.Her experience teaching in the southwest has given her the tools required to teach flute, voice, guitar, saxophone, and piano lessons to students of all ages. Ms. Barta's goal is to help eager and aspiring musicians learn how to become more comfortable with their instrument. This means getting your fingers moving and your sight-reading faster!

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