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Bridger is a dedicated musician teaching private in-home guitar and bass lessons in the Dallas area.
Teaching Since 2017
Bridger Bolton
Guitar, Bass

Bridger Bolton is a guitarist born and raised in Odessa, Texas, now residing in Dallas, TX. The love Bridger has for teaching future musicians, stems from the love he has for his own instrument and personal musical discovery. After pursuing an associate's degree in music, Bridger went on to tour and gig both independently and a part of many diverse musical groups, featuring several different genres. Some of his extensive experience includes playing in Jazz Orchestras, Jazz Fusion groups, Country bands, and Rock bands. He has spent over 5 years teaching guitar in studios, homes, and eventually all over the U.S.

The student's individual needs and aspirations are the main focal points of each lesson. As a teacher, Bridger's goal is learning what inspires each student to pick up the guitar. After unpacking their passion, Bridger will help equip each student with the music theory, techniques, and confidence to achieve their goals. Over all, Bridger hopes that each student will walk away from his lessons with the ability to continue playing and learning the guitar for the rest of their life.

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