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Nethania Amanuel is a dedicated musician teaching private in-home guitar lessons in the Dallas area.
University of Texas
Bachelor of Science
University of Texas
Nethania Amanuel

Nethania Amanuel, a 27 year old dedicated and versatile musician, embarked on his guitar journey in 2007 as a self-taught enthusiast. His natural talent and passion for the instrument quickly led him to achieve professional status within just one year of picking up the guitar.

During his formative years, Nethania's musical talents found a home in various settings, from playing in churches to collaborating with bands and jazz ensembles. This diverse musical exposure enriched his playing style and cultivated his deep appreciation for the art of music.

Beyond mastering the guitar, Nethania ventured into the music industry as a proficient producer, mixing and mastering engineer. He honed his skills, working closely with independent artists to shape their musical visions and bring their creations to life.

Nethania's journey as a musician extended beyond performance and production; he began composing his own music in 2008, adding a unique dimension to his creative portfolio.

His passion for teaching became evident when he joined the team at Salvation Army Youth Education Town in Arlington, Texas, where he shared his expertise with students ranging from 5-year-olds to teenagers. Nethania's teaching prowess also extended to adults, whom he coached to sharpen their understanding of the guitar and unlock their musical potential.

In addition to his musical pursuits, Nethania holds a Bachelor of Science in Biology with a minor in Philosophy from the University of Texas at Arlington, showcasing his diverse interests and dedication to academic excellence.

As a guitar teacher, Nethania believes that every student has the potential to explore and excel in the world of music. His approach combines technical proficiency with a deep understanding of musical theory, fostering an environment where students can not only master the guitar but also discover their unique musical voices.

Nethania Amanuel is excited to bring his wealth of musical knowledge and teaching experience to any and all students willing to express themselves and work hard for it. His commitment to empowering students, combined with his multifaceted background as a guitarist, producer, and composer, makes him a valuable addition to our music education community. Join Nethania on a musical journey where creativity and skill unite to create exceptional musicians.

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