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Melody Satvat is a dedicated musician teaching private lessons online and in the Dallas area.
Northern Arizona University
Bachelor of Science
16+ years of Musical Experience
10+ years of Teaching Experience
Melody Satvat
Piano, Voice, Theory

Since the age of four, Melody has been behind the piano. Melody's musical education began early, and she took private lessons for 16 years, learning from some of the best classical music teachers. She was able to read sheet music before she reached school age! She began studying voice, and in addition to taking private lessons, became the president of her school choir. 

Melody has been teaching formally since 2006, at both the high school and university level. While in college, she was asked to student teach, and did so from her freshman year into her senior year. After graduating, she began her career as a high school science teacher. Although she had a wonderful career, in her heart she had really missed playing music. So in 2014, Melody joined a heavy metal band as their keyboard player, and later became a career musician after falling in love with performance and composition.

In 2016, Melody moved to Dallas, Texas, to be closer to her family, and began teaching music lessons privately. She currently teaches about 30 private students whom she meets with in person each week. Additionally, she is working as a TV and film song writer, and is working on creating video lesson plans to be able to teach remotely to anyone in the country!

Melody's students love that she teaches them whatever they want to learn. If they want to dig into classics and learn how to read music, then that will be the focus. If not, then the student will learn chord progressions and theory, and will write their own charts and play in band. She even writes sheet music for her readers using a music notation software. Melody teaches piano and voice predominantly, but also has a few guitar students. She can teach audio engineering and how to get the best sound for any song.

Melody's approach as a teacher is to make learning music fun. She was classically trained, so she is highly skilled in sight reading. While working their way through the lesson curriculum, her students will complete homework assignments and also learn how to write their own music. 

Melody is an accomplished professional musician who has worked with some of the best producers, and has supplemented her considerable musical education with online classes at Berklee, as well as through personal music mentoring from some of the industry's top professionals.

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